Commit 1c0ed0fc authored by Oky Rahmanto's avatar Oky Rahmanto

testing deployment .gitlab-ci.yml

parent a14e0537
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......@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ deploy:
- mkdir ~/.ssh
- ssh-keyscan -H $URL >> ~/.ssh/known_hosts
- dotnet publish -c Release
- sshpass -p '$PASSWORD' -v scp -r /bin/Release/netcoreapp2.2/*.* $USER@$URL:/var/www/dotnet
- sshpass -p $PASSWORD -v scp -r /bin/Release/netcoreapp2.2/*.* $USER@$URL:/var/www/dotnet
#- dotnet-sshdeploy push -f netcoreapp2.2 -t "$TARGET_PATH" -h $URL -w $PASSWORD -u $USER -p $PORT -v
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